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Biography  (Denise Ann Bryant)
Certified Line Dance Instructor, over 15 years experience
My name is Denise Bryant. I am 59 years old. I’ve been married for 25 years and have 2 daughters, 42 and 36, one grandson, BJ who is 9yrs. old, one son-in-law, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. 
November 2010, November 2011,  November 2012, I was nominated for Instructor of the Year, for line dancing in MD, DC and VA.  I’m from Bowie Maryland, I've been dancing all my life. I've been line dancing for about 7 years. I especially love teaching seniors and beginners. You can find me at many venues during the week and on weekends, line dancing. My first line dance class originated at Lane Memorial, CME Church, in Washington, DC, along with my best friend, who belong to the church. 
I lost my job in August 2008, I was distraught, I put my faith in God, joined Reid Temple, and he has changed my life forever. I always wanted to give back to the community, now I can. I love talking to people, and networking. I really love to line dance, free style, and hand dance, my mother still tells me to stop dancing so much, I can’t help it, it’s not just dancing, it’s my way of life.
After teaching about six months at Lane Memorial Church,  I decided to start my own line dance class. I started with six people in my daughter’s basement in Bowie, Md. The line dance craze took off in full speed.  I now have seven classes that I teach on a weekly basis, throughout Maryland, and DC, and over 250 students enrolled.
I enrolled in a line dance class at the Glenn Dale Community Center,  about 5 years ago. I would always catch on to all the dances that were being taught, so I had a feeling that this would be something that was really special for me. I found myself helping to teach the class, as well as, helping the other students that were having trouble with the steps. I would always take them off to the side to try to help with the steps. The line dance class gave me the courage, confidence and training to teach my own class, and the fact that I enjoy people so much, this was definitely a way for me to socialize, network, exercise, and line dance all in one. My students say I have such a UNIQUE way of teaching, that draws people to my dance classes. To enhance the fun, some students bring noise makers, and belly dance skirts to class. 
My mother, Delores Kidwell, is my biggest fan & inspiration, and is also my eldest student at 81 years of age. My youngest student is my great niece, Shaunea who is 11 years old.  Like so many great things in life, I am fortunate enough to have family and friends in my life to encourage me to be who I am today. 
So many of our seniors have nothing to do during the day, so I wanted to make myself available for them, not just dancing, but anything I can do to make them happy, and put a smile on their face.  
Thanks to Damita Goldsmith for believing in me, and for being the best PR person in the world. Thanks to my sisters, Vernita and Cynthia, daughters Monica, and Kiana who have faith in all that I do. "Special Thanks" to my husband Darryl,  and my right hand men,  Burley Johnson, Sean Jackson.  Extra special thanks to all  my students who support me every week,  and Barbara Broadnax , Kim Bailey, Diana Avery, and Dainette Avery, for your support, and keeping me staright, with my appointments, administrative, and special events. I appreciate you all. Thank you. 
Music2yourFeet line dancers perform all over the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, for Church events, Birthday parties, office parties, meetings, health fairs, weddings, Government wellness meetings, and Fundraisers. Some of the students and I attend bi-weekly line dance socials, to keep abreast of all the latest dances.
In January 2011, and 2012, my group was invited to participate in the NBC4 Health Expo, held at the Washington Convention Ctr. Washington, DC
February 2012, Fox5 live morning show, YWCA NCA, 14th St.Washington, DC, live show with YWCA,  and it's programs offered at the location including, music2yourfeet line dance,  zumba, personal training, and much much more.
Past 5 years invited to perform at the  NBC4, Health Expo, Washington, DC, music2yourfeet invited for the 5th year to line dance on the main stage, while 80,00 people pass through to exhibits, showcases, health screening, and so much more.
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